The voice full of hope

Shen Qing Mu before Liu made a gesture of "but turned to the road fennel". Exit you look if someone came to help block " Fennel crashed there, and well-mannered as practical to help them put the doors of Jade Pavilion hot. Liu smile a little reluctantly, but to conduct himself sitting on a pink chair, Chazhong to carry by hand or drink. Exposed contemplative expression on his face. Mu Qing Shen talking about, like the corners of the mouth with a smile, sitting there quietly. Long, like Liu removed as the burden of a sigh, and said: "I know it is not good, however, is the idea of ​​Shen adults do not want to let people house of fear. 'Coach Diaper Bags Shen Qing Mu hearts palpitate, shortness authentic: "This is his wife, and how many days?" The voice full of hope. Liu looked in silence, his eyes were full of sympathy for the color. Qingming Shen Mu Sun shining eyes slowly, sip Min Chun, Buyiburao typical: "Madam, there is more than a good day?" Mr. Liu was silent for a long time, said. "Over six months, ranging from two months" Two months ...... two months ...... Shen Qing Mu paste brain. But the years ...... Shen Zhen I just grand secretary can also expect ... It just felt wet eyes, and the world in his eyes blurred into one, and she heard his voice Yingyan authentic: "Master also know" "Ah!" The voice of Mr. Liu, drum and bell, to this day, and it's boring. "Mr. Liu,Coach Diaper Bags Outlet thank you for telling me the truth!" Shen Mu Qing, closed his eyes, and do not want in the eyes of those rainy autumn brazenly: "Seeing noon outside Floral Hall to begin drawing meal fennel, anise, you CI Hou Liu. Mr. past it! ' Years, and Lee heard pieces one by one crossed her mind, let her pain, not theirs. "The girl do not be too sad!" Liu moved to comfort, illness and death, human nature ... " Oh, everyone knows the reason, but to really get your body when few people can understand wanting .... Two months ago, she was also very Quanguo Lee himself! "Shen Qing Mu became increasingly sad. No wonder so severely urge to learn female red ... She swallowed her tears, smiled and said: ". Mr. Liu, the delay, you do not say classic filed, lest he do not worry about " He leans on the front of the crying,Coach Baby Bags smiling face, but strong, shook his head, and must say "girl assured. Heard the cry of fennel come see this busy helping Mr. Liu Jie curtain until Mr. Liu after their release, but he went to the Shen Mu Qing around saying "sister girl went home Abas Church lotus incense "before the Jade debited kiosks hot, paternity waiting Mr. Liu went to the Floral Hall.


Ge fan turned his head to look at the past

The Muqing Shen He Fairview are taken aback. Fairview exclamation, timid shot sleeves Shen Qing Mu. People outside to hear the sound of Yingge Swallows looked toward the house. Standing next to two girls in green cloth Manzhang wing. Age is still low, which is born Meiqingmuxiu, another aspect of fifteen, wearing a piece of ivory lotus simple model Bei Hang silk Zhaixiu son, emerald blue selection line skirt, carrying two legs corallite Zhuhua drooping ears earrings blue stone, slender OR, Coach Diaper Bags looks gorgeous, extremely bright people arrested. For a while, the silence inside and outside the club. Which fell to sleep in humans Ge fan turned his head to look at the past. Two very young girls, but all students have skin like snow, beautiful as creamy, exhibited in hand cuffs as Chuncong, which also weak elegant Hosta flowers floating nature a look is very feminine. His eyeball a turn, get on your knees in front of Fairview, hitting his head: "Auntie, you are asked for mercy, save our daughter to a life ..." Fairview bleached, Shen Mu Qing pulling back again and again. Shen Mu Qing see the crowd pulled a man brazen fierce falling human eyes flashing, girl looks exceptional, but painted in red clothes whiten beautiful ... the system is not as honest people.Coach Diaper Bags Outlet She does not want to mess with this disorder, and retired to Fairview Manzhang take the verbal form: "Lord, we also like the master of the house to the temple to burn incense, to the master can not " Han pulled the little woman listening to an exchange of glances strange man left the room, smiled and said: "So, you know ah" That person-years is about 25 years, look, beefy, the facial features eyes Zheng Zhou man very erratic, and therefore gives a sense of frivolity. Shen Qing Mu heavy heart sound the alarm, busy: "We do not know." Men or sleep in the fan watched the trio Ge Mu Qing Shen, looked at the crowd standing in the door of the human eyeball parades around: "16 Ye, we recognize that, we recognize that the two girls was behind us by marriage, not seen this battle fear "Then, two steps forward, pointing his nose and said:". Coach Baby Bags I live in San increasing Xu gone, you do not know me ... Also at the center two days before I give you flowers to wear! ' Fairview shook chatter draw will repeat that authentic "I never go outside flowers to wear ... What are you talking ... you talk nonsense ... " "Shen Qing Mu Anjiao not sullen, aloud:" you know that our ministry Shen Zhen Shen vintage house ... you mess things out, careful to catch you in court ". Claim Xu Three men listened, look hesitated, with several feet of fear on his face, swishing back.


His heart seemed suddenly encountered a lot of confusion

White spirits pick, looked carefully after a moment, his face suddenly emerge astonishment and joy of color, has released "In the original, the original art of evocation ...... Movement of his eyes, which shone gradually Lianqu Instead, it is a heavy and confused look. At the end, after reading the full text, she slowly stepped back, if necessary, the spiritual, the gas black patch flick surrounded the mysterious writing some new lines obscured.Coach Diaper Bags White light salvation of the head, a long moment of silence, before sighed softly, softly: "So the old witch family could be so destroyed is what to do, I should not be saying this? ' His heart seemed suddenly encountered a lot of confusion for a moment undecided. Black gas is dispersed by the wind slowly reuniting the original model released in splendid gold once again gradually been hidden behind it slowly turned white thump sounded again, the dog god statues liter in its position, and hiding this secret. Ancient cave while to restore calm. White figure slowly walked out, she walked slowly, looking concerned, but moments later, her figure eventually disappeared in the cave.Coach Diaper Bags Outlet Silence once again here, I do not know how long, great old statues of god dog in silence watching the cave, his eyes Soft light refraction, appear to be so deep. Suddenly, the body was lying on the ground a little, the young family worship Kim up carefully looked toward the cave. It is quiet, nothing happened, apparently just this mysterious white woman left. Then he heaved a sigh of relief was extended to body slowly relaxed, smile a cry, and said: "good insurance for my family not divine spells autistic sixth conscience is really not hide it .... .. " Subsequently, eyes suddenly became hot suddenly turned and looked toward the great god statue dog. Coach Baby Bags The Kim family has always been the fear of the gods, especially the ancient worship of the idol, this very fear. This young man grew big in contact with not to mention this statue is the look of the eyes is minimal because the rules of the clan, who are disrespectful acts.


I saw a black figure Frankenstein

Just do not know why, today, in the grass between damiaocun Pomiao, but there are so many ghosts attached is not surprising that it is near an abandoned for many years, now overgrown, chose this caomiao near barren. Li ghost heart that so changed their mind, but the next time I saw a black figure Frankenstein think these claws, unusual people, to avoid the specter of plague just looked at, instead it went straight simple hand waving this ghost seems to know the powerful , desperately, and fled, but as an invisible energetic,Coach Diaper Bags they exhaustively pulled away from this mysterious figure, a moment later, the desperate outbursts of crying ghost, the ghost is actually slowly now wrapped in a black gas that people all over the body. I do not know how this scene look ghost Li in the eyes of his heart really full dress as a very hot short, it seems that the blood on his body low to the boil. One unnamed anger instantly rushed heart. This is his home town! The fact that the grass temple paradise of childhood! The next moment he was released. Black figure immediately found violations in quickly turned around and saw a fall in front of a monkey, this mysterious figure, even feeling a little scared. Then, from this layer roll growing black gas seems strange spread laughter. This is a low husky voice, totally hear you. Coach Diaper Bags Outlet Spirit Li cold channel: "You, why come here to collect ghosts, but hurt the day and the causes of things, you're not afraid of retribution!" Man is body is black gas burst rise, and suddenly the whole body by rolling the entire body of Dan on the air. Eat the ghosts Lee was surprised to learn that person enough, but Daoxing really not a trivial matter, listened attentively to warn quickly, and that the people who were not real, feint, but the turn around Luekong away in the air. Ghost Li Lengheng cry, less vibration, the same Imperial empty sky, hot on the heels off. Observing the direction of a person running away, it seems to far south of the river Yangcheng desert far in the air, the ghost Li all the way in hot pursuit, he wanted to see what kind of a strange guy? And what lies ahead, he thought. Coach Baby Bags But who is going to go seriously think about it, and even if you did think that would be what? Perhaps this is, in any event, good or bad, after all, wants us to face punch!


Coach Diaper Bags Have not yet completed a word

Li ghost looking for a change, suddenly Chen Sheng said: "little gray on." Monkeys looked ghost Li, took his head, grinding twice, but following the statue back and shoulder ghost Li Pinger But at the next light laughs: "You scare the monkeys do, but fun ..." Coach Diaper Bags Have not yet completed a word, gold is the color of dusk Pinger be surprised to see ghosts complexion, vigorous correct sorting clothes, was actually quite respectful towards the statue, the line ceremony. Gold Pinger surprised and said: "What did you do" Face ghost Li, indifference, but did not answer, just look deep into the statue on one hand, then turned slightly and said: ". Nothing we " Kwu Tung the deep, cold wind blowing, it is in front of them. Gold Pinger is a bit annoying little monkey with gray and his eyes fell on the Li ghost ghost looked behind Li said: "You just why statue salute?" Traces Saint-Li pause, and continue to move forward, mouth indifferent. "Predecessors of style, even if long frustration, but among the people was still worthy of" Coach Diaper Bags Outlet Gold Pinger broad forehead wrinkled, apparently the ghost Li puzzles as perplexed as discourse would ask the ghost Li has already approached the hole. Gold Pinger quickly recover the past, frowning: "Hey, I'm talking about, go so quickly, I do not tell you the last time I come here, here, it is a spiritual being fierce, more Later, most of the time? God get rid of this beast, but most of the entry ... " Say gold Pinger voice suddenly down, almost at the same time, traces of the ghost Li stopped. Two people standing outside the hole magic Kwu Tung few meters from the town, watching the dark, dark cave, slowly in the white wave climate, cold wind blowing in the wind, but not least dispel look . Coach Baby Bags Seeing that the gas whiter together and become bigger and bigger, and finally more gradual formation of condensation wave emerged a huge number of white gas roar roar burst heavy mixed between the cold wind whistled over power and influence, usually straight as Tenjin Ghost. Gold Pinger looked kind of white gas, sighed, shook his head and said: "Well, now that you see here is a very powerful and a ghost bad mood"


Seems incongruous with the surrounding beauty

Qingyun Mountain, Babel peak, founder shrine. Verdant forest, or the same as the former, lush and vibrant growing faint morning mist can be seen in the forest, leaves, branches everywhere, floating above the bushes wildflower cloth, glistening dew in the breeze. gently vibrate. Came the distant depths of the forest, there is a clear and melodious songs of birds, listening ears, is the very body and mind as one of the Qing immersive wonderland. Coach Diaper Bags Slowly in this worldly Resort Taoist fairyland forest paths, appear a stocky figure, the field is not easy. Seems incongruous with the surrounding beauty, the field can not simply look straight surface some solemn, his eyes glance, seemed preoccupied his face. In his hand was empty at the moment, it's looks a bit odd, the field is not easy being first climax Otake, but Albatron door is the most important figure, but his identity was secret to the long door Babel peak after Hill powerhouse founder ancestral hall, seems a bit strange. On the summit of the mountain road, no Albatron disciples guards on the way, quiet unmanned sound. In the breeze, birds chirping, the field is not just the famous Crossroads turn gradually see the depths of the forest, that the introduction of cornices. "If ..." I do not know where it came from bells and drums softly, the former mountain from the way that opposes the head of Qingyunshan. Coach Diaper Bags Outlet That an empty echo flutter triumphantly, Tian not easy Moran held their mark, in retrospect, and looked. Unlimited firmament heaven and earth, the blue skies! Thousands of years ago, it seems, have not changed. The field is not easy complexion gradually calm, Moran stood for a moment, then turned around and went to the Patriarch shrine. No evidence of this piece of stone steps to demonstrate in front of him, the patriarch of the ancestral hall is not changed, as the gentle giant is Chenmian sleep in the embrace of the forest. Ancestral hall door still open, which is dark and quiet, a bit of the dark depths of incense, as if they too were slumbering in general, everything is so quiet. Coach Baby Bags At the gates of this patriarch ancestral hall, under the stone steps at the moment and even stood a young man, is not easy to bear away from Tian. The field is not easy to frown went forehead. Listen was to eat on the trail of the young man seems surprised, I did not expect this time went as far as some people come to this place, and turned around quickly. The field is not simply the opposite side of the man, both stunned for a moment, the young man Lin Yu scared.


Spirit Li quickly fell to the ground

Soon the fog was gradually thinner, at the foot of the landscape suddenly clear, but one side of a small stone, quite smooth with a radius of 30 meters, sparse trees to. With dozens of monks Tianyin Saw these monks SAT position near or far, no rules of order, but it seems Millipore, Foli weak circulation, which in fact implies a weak fight. Spirit Li watched carefully glances suddenly feel a little familiar, it is considered, will be remembered, but a plain font looks like a Buddhist mantra. Spirit Li quickly fell to the ground, if you look around, saw Hozenji carries two at the moment, the monks sat in the quiet clasped together, Dimei head hanging to him, do not wait and see. The monks who have seen the first one Tianyin Temple Abbot Master Pu Wang, sitting in his spirit left Xiashou Li, but the day,Coach Diaper Bags resulting in Qingyunshan, Scatter Pfrang Shenseng. Pu Wang champion touched sitting on the right side lands a monk looked very strange, had seen the ghost Li yet, but look at his face gaunt, pale his face, really like the color of the dying and the old look and much better than the S Master P & Wang. Just do not know who that is, but equally with Pu Wang, two large Shenseng, Pfrang obviously Tianyin Temple great figure. Spirit Li has not much to say, a line arch salute ceremony champion Wang Pu Pu Wang Master clasped together, smiled and said: ". A small donor" Spirit Li nodded and said, "Yes, but I do not know how the abbot Masters next?" Pu Wang a platform champion, said: "Without him, the small donors sit on this Shitai Pranayama meditation can sit for a few days." Spirit Li nodded back 向那 Shitai looked, then looked up and looked around, I saw the head foggy, but where there is no word jade wall, where, what is legend? The question arises: "If the abbot master that what a word jade wall?" Pu Wang Master smiled and said:. "To see his In a few moments a small donors in a position"Coach Diaper Bags Outlet Spirit Li hesitated and nodded his head, turned around and was about to sit on it Shitai the sky suddenly faint cry Ruixiao howling like animals, like the wind, the clouds came through the fog, followed by a series of iridescent sheen actually torn out of the mist, a crack shot down was in the body of the mind seems to Li. The spirit Li a step back, looked up and saw the valley between ponley rumble as the highs and lows, the patch of thick fog of the sea suddenly out of the waves, made by the original gently undulating trend in a tidal wave, the highs and lows , seems more and more gaps, always thin fog, revealing the one and one, a bunch of a bunch of brilliant. The face of this earth, and visions,Coach Baby Bags the ghost Li attention long, I finally saw the fog in the atmosphere, brilliant scales, at the moment, the world is a bright light, virtually all published visual. After a moment, then gradually relaxed. Spirit Li opened his eyes when body startled, impressively saw the legend of being a word jade wall.